About TAKY

TAKY is a family-run business originally founded in 2010.  It is one of the leading China producers of furniture fittings, an expert in production of hinge, drawer lock ,gas spring and drawer slide.

Over 5 years of development, TAKY have created a large and stable organization , with sales area covering Asia, South American, Middle East and European. Having necessary know-how, continuously updated technical infrastructure and experienced staff, we create innovative solutions and improve comfort of everyday living.

Professional TAKY

Today's market and customers' expectations are setting high standards and demands to industrial producers and suppliers. Quality, good design, competitiveness in costs, short and on-time deliveries are the main demands to handle.

Being aware, and following these demands, we develop and optimise our production and service processes, to reach best results, fit into each market characteristics and bring satisfaction to our customers.

Just start contacting us , TAKY will do the rest for you .